Sunday, May 18, 2014

Navy memorial

Blue Bubun headed downtown for an adventure today.

He took the metro to the Navy Memorial, which includes some masts,

a big fountain,

and some sculptures of historical Navy events. This panel shows exploration and oceanographic research in Antarctica.

He also walked around a bit and saw some famous buildings peeking out, but those will wait for another day.

He stopped by the Sculpture Garden, his favorite was "Thinker on a Rock"

For dinner, he went to a class on stinky cheeses in Alexandria!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

First trip to southern Maryland

 Blue Bubun drove down to southern Maryland today. There were lots of farms, although this corn field hasn't been planted yet. The neighbor in the back actually has a vinyard in their front lawn.

He met a Fowler's toad near the field.

 He got to see the Viking longship undergoing maintenance - today the deck boards were being oiled. The ship is under a big "tent" for the winter season. The oil was sticky and smelly, so he stayed away most of the afternoon.

On the way home, he stopped at Rita's Ice Custard Happiness and had a chocolate sundae. Yum!

Riding on the Metro

Blue Bubun got to take a short ride on the metro on Friday night. An empty train had just started service, so he got to take lots of pictures before the car became crowded.

He got to see the 70s style color theme,
...and learned to read the map.

 Looking out the window, the train rode over the Beltway before heading down into a tunnel. Not much traffic for a Friday!

On the way home, he got to learn about Weekend Track Work, when there was a big delay and single-tracking on the red line.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blue Bubun Arrives!

Blue Bubun has arrived from Texas!

No, he's not in Texas anymore, it just looks that way next to the cowhorn euphorbia.

He met some new friends...


 Wrangled some sheep fleeces,


Read some Japanese sewing magazines,

Tried his hand at quilting,

And started this blog. All in the same evening!

And then he was tired, so he went to bed.